Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is FreshX?

    FreshX is a new online transaction platform that allows you to easily find Fresh Produce buyers or sellers and transact anytime, anywhere, with real-time information on availability, location, and price. FreshX also aggregates market information into advanced analytics and forecasts which allow you to make better decisions for current and future transactions.

  2. How does it work?

    Transactions on FreshX are fast, easy, and cost-effective.

    As a buyer you can submit a “Request” by specifying the product, variety, grade, certifications (e.g. USDA Organic), quantity, delivery location, delivery date(s), and price. This Request is visible to all relevant sellers on the FreshX platform, who can then “Bid” on your Request.

    Alternatively, you can also Bid on an existing seller “Offer”, i.e. a product which a seller is offering under the same specifications.

    Sellers follow a similar process and can submit an “Offer” that is visible to all buyers on the platform, who can Bid on your Offer. As mentioned above, sellers also have the ability to Bid on a buyer’s Request.

    As bidding proceeds, both buyer and seller can “Accept”, “Decline”, or place a counter-bid at any time.

    Once buyer and seller both Accept the terms of a bid, the transaction is completed and a “Purchase Order” is generated.

    The seller then ships the product according to the terms of the Purchase Order and notifies the buyer via FreshX. Simultaneously, FreshX generates an “Invoice” on behalf of the seller.

    Once the buyer receives (or picks up) the product, they acknowledge receipt and make payment according to the terms of the Invoice.

    FreshX has partnered with Stripe, a reputable payment processing software company, to allow buyers to pay sellers easily online, using a credit card or ACH (bank) transfer. However, both buyers and sellers can choose to process payments offline using their existing methods.

    FreshX has a number of additional features that give you all the information you need at your fingertips as you transact:

    • View real-time price information on a Produce Ticker™ based on data from FreshX marketplace transactions
    • See user-friendly graphs of USDA ship-point price data
    • Communicate using our messaging feature
    • Get a personalized dashboard of your own historical performance
    • As transaction volumes grow, our AI algorithms will also provide you with forward-looking supply and demand forecasts to help you plan better
  3. Why do I need another tool? Why is it better than what I currently do?

    FreshX is designed specifically for Fresh Produce. That means it has all the relevant information you need for Produce, like quantity, price, distance, packaging, product and buyer & seller certifications.

    FreshX is also designed to be easy to use. It has a simple, intuitive interface, is compatible with mobile devices, and has built-in messaging and payment processing. We will also make sure during setup it integrates with tools you already use.

    Finally, FreshX has real-time market data like price trends to allow you to make better decisions based on your specific needs.

  4. How does this benefit me?

    FreshX delivers better margins for you by allowing you to transact faster, easier, and more cost-effectively. With real-time data and analytics, you can be confident that you’re making the best decisions for your business.

  5. Why should I work with you? What makes FreshX unique?

    We have a combined 20+ years of experience working in Fresh Produce and technology. We have spent over two years speaking to customers like you to make FreshX the best technology platform for the Produce industry.

  6. How does FreshX make money?

    The pilot phase is free to use. Post-pilot we plan to operate on a tiered subscription model based on order volumes. That means sellers pay one simple flat monthly or annual charge that you can easily track. No need to deal with per-transaction fees and end-of-month reconciliations. Buyers always transact for free.

  7. What data do you collect?

    We only collect data necessary for the functioning of the marketplace and analytics. This includes name and contact information, shipping and billing addresses, transaction history, and payment details. Any data we collect is used only to make your experience better on the FreshX site, and any data that is shared on the platform (e.g. price trends) is always aggregated and anonymized.

  8. What will you do with my data?

    We only use your data to maintain and improve the functioning of the FreshX platform. We may share minimally necessary data with third parties specifically related to the functioning of the marketplace (e.g. payment processing) and to display aggregated and anonymized market information with all participants. Our data security framework meets the highest standards for performance and for protecting sensitive information. You are always in control of your data and we will never sell your data to a third party for any reason. Ever.

  9. How do you verify buyers and sellers?

    All customers are required to have a Produce Blue Book membership and their BB# is displayed on their profile. We also ask sellers to upload all certification documents related to their products (e.g. USDA Organic) and their operations (e.g. food safety certifications).

  10. Do you work with international buyers and sellers?

    At this time FreshX only works with buyers and sellers that have U.S. operations.